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Remaining Active in Honors

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This page contains information on how to remain an active and eligible member of EKU Honors.  You can jump to:

Definition of an Active Participant in Honors

An active participant in EKU Honors is any student who meets all three of the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled at EKU and in EKU Honors and working toward an undergraduate degree
  • Meets the minimum GPA requirements (see next section)
  • Making progress toward completing Honors coursework requirements as outlined by his/her curriculum.  Students are not required to take an Honors course each semester; however, students must be making progress toward completing their Honors curriculum.  This includes enrolling in HON 420 with adequate time to complete a thesis before graduation.  Students who are not making progress toward the completion of the Honors curriculum may be subject to removal from the program for inactivity.

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GPA Requirements

To remain active and eligible in EKU Honors, students must maintain the following minimum grade point averages:

Students Entering EKU Honors in Fall 2015 and Thereafter:

  • 3.00 EKU GPA up to 60 completed hours
  • 3.20 EKU GPA after 60 completed hours and to graduate as an Honors Scholar

Students Who Entered EKU Honors Prior to Fall 2015:

  • 2.50 EKU GPA for 36-71 attempted hours
  • 2.75 EKU GPA for 72 or more attempted hours
  • 3.00 EKU GPA to graduate as an Honors Scholar

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Annual Review of Students, Honors Probation, and Honors Dismissal

At the end of each spring semester, the academic records of all EKU Honors students are reviewed.  Students will be notified at their local permanent address in the Banner system of the university and at their official EKU student email address if they are placed on Honors Probation or dismissed from EKU Honors.

If it is determined that a student is not making progress toward completing Honors coursework requirements, that student will be dismissed from EKU Honors for being inactive.  

Students entering EKU Honors in Fall 2015 and thereafter will be notified and placed on probation if their EKU GPA falls under the following thresholds:

  • 3.00 for up to 60 completed hours
  • 3.20 after 60 completed hours

Students who entered EKU Honors before Fall 2015 will be notified and placed on probation if their EKU GPA falls under the following thresholds:

  • 2.50 for 24 or more hours attempted
  • 3.00 for 36 or more hours attempted

Students will be placed on Honors Probation for one semester (not including summer).  At the end of the probationary semester, a student's academic record will be reviewed.  If the student's GPA does not improve during the probationary semester, the student may be removed from EKU Honors.

Students who are on Honors Probation should not enroll for more than 15 hours of coursework and should plan to meet with the Honors Program Coordinator to discuss a plan to improve their academic performance.

Exceptions to these eligibility policies may be recommended by the Honors Director but must be approved by the Honors Advisory Committee.

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Code of Understanding

In order to maintain eligibility in EKU Honors, students are expected to adhere to the Honors Code of Understanding.  This code outlines basic expectations of Honors students.  Students receive, read, and sign this document at the beginning of their time in EKU Honors.  Click here to review a copy of this document.  Failure to abide by the standards outlined in the Code of Understanding may result in a referral to the Honors Advisory Committee and/or the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

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Regaining Eligibility in the Honors Program

If a student becomes ineligible for EKU Honors due to GPA, he or she may regain eligibility by bringing the GPA back to the required levels.  Once the required levels are reached, the student must meet with the Honors Director and provide official verification that the GPA has been restored to the appropriate level.  That student may then regain their Honors eligibility after meeting with the Honors Director.

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