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Honors Program Application

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All applications, including recommendation forms, must be submitted by 5:00 pm EST on Monday, January 13, 2020. We do not accept late applications.

Before you begin this form, please make sure:

  • You have applied and been accepted to EKU
  • You have your EKU ID number
  • You know your EKU email address and have activated it
  • You have prepared your résumé, essay, and creative short answer following the directions below. Each of these documents should be saved as a PDF and labeled according to these directions. You will upload these as you complete this application.
  • You know who will complete your recommendation form and have their full name and email address. If you are an incoming first-year student, this should be a teacher or counselor who knows you well. If you are a current EKU or transfer student, this should be a college professor who knows you well. Your recommender should be able to talk about how you exhibit the qualities EKU Honors is looking for as listed at

Résumé (lastname_firstname_resume.pdf):
Include a list of your relevant activities, honors, and interests. Your résumé should be no more than two typed pages. List your full name on the top of each page. Include detailed information about any of your activities in the following categories. Be sure to include the duration of these activities, including beginning and ending dates.

  • Academic and creative activities (including academic competitions, honor societies, creative performances, research activities, etc.)
  • Volunteer and community activities
  • Leadership experiences
  • Employment history
  • Other relevant activities not included in the above categories (other extracurricular activities, athletics, etc.)

Essay (lastname_firstname_essay.pdf):
Answer one of the following prompts. Your essay should be double-spaced, typed in a 12 pt. font, and no longer than 500 words.

  1. Discuss aspects of your life that illustrate how you define and value service to your community and world.
  2. Discuss a time when you stepped outside of your academic comfort zone and came out as a better student and scholar because of it.

Creative Short Answer (lastname_firstname_creative.pdf):
Help us get to know you in a unique and creative way. Submit a short piece of text that shows us something important about yourself. This could be a tweet, a haiku, a short poem or narrative, etc. - it's up to you! There is no word count requirement, but your creative short answer must fit onto one page, front only. This is your chance to tell us something the rest of your application does not.

Please do not fill out this application and instead visit one of the following links if you fall into one of these categories:

  • If you are an incoming first-year student and have been named a National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist, please click here to learn how to join our program.
  • If you are a transfer student currently in good standing in an honors program or college at your current institution, please click here to learn how to join our program.

This application must be submitted all at one time and cannot be saved. Please make sure you have carefully read the information above and prepared all necessary documents before beginning this application.

To participate in EKU Honors, you must be pursuing a four-year degree program (a bachelor's degree). Students in associate degree programs are not eligible to apply for EKU Honors.

EKU Honors courses are only offered at the Richmond campus.

Personal Information

Your EKU ID number is required for your EKU Honors application. You should have received this number in your EKU acceptance letter. If you do not have your EKU ID number, please contact Admissions at (859) 622-2106.


Tell us what you prefer to be called, if different from your first name.

Mailing Address

All application decisions will be mailed to this address - please make sure that it is correct!

You must provide your EKU email address. All questions and emails regarding your application will be sent to this address. For assistance with your EKU email address, please contact Information Technology.

We are unable to send any secure information to your personal email address, but if we haven't heard from you, we'll send an email to this address directing you to check your EKU email. All secure information must be sent to your EKU email address.

Please provide the best phone number for us to reach you. We will always use your EKU email to ask you questions regarding your application due to school/business hours - you are responsible for checking that account regularly. But if we can't reach you and need a quick answer, we'll call when necessary.

RÉSUMÉ (upload in PDF format)

Please see the directions at the top of this page for information on what to include in your résumé.

Please upload your résumé here.  Your résumé should be in PDF format.  Please save your résumé as lastname_firstname_resume.pdf (example: Patton_Katie_resume.pdf)

ESSAY (upload in PDF format)

Please see the information at the top of this page for information about your essay.

Please upload your essay here.  Your essay should be in PDF format.  Please save your essay as lastname_firstname_essay.pdf (example: Patton_Katie_essay.pdf)

CREATIVE SHORT ANSWER (upload in PDF format)

Please see the information at the top of this page for information about your creative short answer.

Please upload your creative short answer here.  Your creative short answer should be in PDF format.  Please save your essay as lastname_firstname_creative.pdf (example: Patton_Katie_creative.pdf)

The Honors Living Learning Community is housed in Burnam and Martin Halls. Your roommate must also be a member of the Honors Living Learning Community.

Please enter no more than 250 words.  If you are not interested in living in the Honors Living Learning Community, please enter n/a here.

Tell us how you found out about us!


Your EKU Honors application is not complete without a completed recommendation form. Our system will automatically send an email to your recommender with the link to complete the form. Your recommender will need your EKU ID number and EKU email address, so please be sure to send those to your recommender. We cannot give those to your recommender.

Please enter the first and last name of the person completing your recommendation form.

Please carefully enter your recommender's email address. Our system will send your recommender an automatic email with information about completing your recommendation form and the link to that form.

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