Honors Program Advisory Committee

The Honors Program Advisory Committee meets several times each semester to discuss and shape policy for EKU Honors, to approve proposals for Honors seminars, and to review applications and facilitate the selection of new students each spring.

Representatives from every college on campus, as well as no less than two students from the program, comprise the committee's membership.  The director, associate director, and program coordinator are also ex-officio members.

Committee Members

  • David Coleman (ex-officio), (Interim Director, Honors Program)
  • Minh Nguyen (ex-officio), (Associate Director, Honors Program)
  • Erik Liddell (ex-officio), (Faculty Fellow, Honors Program)
  • Katie Patton (ex-officio), (Program Coordinator, Honors Program)

One-Year Term:

  • Ginni Fair (College of Education)

Two-Year Term:

  • Walter Borowski (College of Science)
  • Lynnette Noblitt (College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences)
  • Leslie Valley (Library Staff)

Three-Year Term:

  • Gary Brown (College of Health Sciences)
  • Tyler Wall (College of Justice & Safety)
  • Ed Fredrickson (College of Business & Technology)
  • Tom Butler (College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences

Student Members:

  • Morgan Wood (HSAC President)
  • Tanya Cifranik
  • Michael Martin