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See the following information on proposing, completing, and presenting an EKU Honors Thesis.  For complete and detailed information on the Honors Thesis, be sure to consult the Honors Thesis Handbook

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The Topic

The thesis project can take whatever form suits the subject (e.g., a research paper, a creative composition or artwork, a performance or recital, etc.).  The thesis may be done in the area of the student's major or minor, but could be done in another area of interest.

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The Process

Students should submit an Honors Thesis Proposal Form (together with a two-page narrative) by the last day of finals week of the semester before their first semester of HON 420, Honors Thesis Project and Seminar.  This document briefly describes the thesis project and contains a timetable by which the different steps of the project will be realistically completed.  It also identifies a thesis mentor.  A list of faculty who are especially interested in serving as thesis mentors is available from the Honors Director.  It is important that the student find a thesis mentor who has similar interests and hence can provide useful assistance throughout the two-semester duration of the thesis project. 

The abstract must be approved by the thesis mentor and the Honors Director.  Particular attention should be paid to the matter of whether the proposal seems realistic and whether the nature of the project is suitable for an Honors Thesis. 

The Honors Thesis Proposal should be signed by the student, the faculty mentor, and the Honors Director signifying that an agreement concerning the nature of the project (and a timetable) has been reached that is acceptable to all 3 parties.  This document should be electronically submitted to the Honors Director.

Students will register for HON 420 at least 2 semesters prior to their intended graduation.  Students are encouraged to speak with Honors Program staff about the best timeline for their thesis.  Completing an Honors Thesis at least one semester before graduating allows students to utilize their thesis in various ways, such as conference presentations, graduate school writing samples, etc.

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The Oral Presentation

The thesis project will be presented orally to an audience of peers, faculty, and guests at a thesis presentation event held at the end of each fall and spring semester.  The exact dates of the thesis presentations will be determined by the end of the previous semester.  The Honors Director is responsible for drawing up the schedule of oral presentations.  In addition, students enrolled in HON 420 will serve as the commentator for one other thesis student.  The commentator's role is to draw attention to significant points for the discussion period that follows the oral presentation.  The Honors Director is responsible for assigning students enrolled in HON 420 as commentators on specific parts.

Students should be aware that the paper they use for their oral presentation will likely not be the same as the written paper which they will turn into their thesis mentor.  This is because the requirements of giving a clear and concise oral presentation are different than the requirements of producing a quality written thesis.  Students whose thesis project does not take the form of a written paper will still be required to do a presentation of their work.

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Grading the Thesis Project

The thesis mentor will assign the grade for HON 420.  Grades will not be assigned until after the oral presentation.  Therefore, the grade of IP ("in progress") will be given to all students who are registered for HON 420 in the semester prior to their oral presentation.  This grade will be changed once the student has completed his or her oral presentation and written paper.  The grade of IP in no way affects the student's GPA in the semester during which it is given. 

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AnchorAdditional Information

Honors students should be aware that the responsibility for the completion of the thesis project and seminar rests with the student.  All written portions of the thesis will be uploaded onto the university's digital archive at least two weeks before the end of the semester where the mentor will be prompted to view and grade it.  If the thesis project takes another form (a concert, art exhibit, etc.) it must be submitted to the archive in an alternative and permanent form. 

Students are recognized for their achievements at the Honors Convocation, held at the end of each fall and spring semester.  Each student should retain a copy of the finished thesis project and should mention the thesis project in letters of application to graduate and professional schools, and potential employers, as it is quite an achievement!

Students are expected to read and review the Honors Thesis Handbook for complete and detailed information. 

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Thesis Forms & Documents

Honors Thesis Handbook
Honors Thesis Proposal Form
Honors Thesis Evaluation Form

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Have questions about the Honors Thesis?  First, consult the Honors Thesis FAQ page and the Honors Thesis Handbook.  If your question is not answered by either of those documents, contact Dr. David Coleman, Director of EKU Honors.