Honors Scholarships & Books-on-Loan

Honors Presidential Scholarship  

While being accepted into EKU Honors guarantees you the Honors Presidential Scholarship ($3,500 per academic year for up to eight academic semesters), many of our incoming students qualify for a better award through the university's academic scholarship program. Visit EKU Scholarships for detailed information about these awards. 

EKU does not "stack" academic scholarships, so if you receive a tuition scholarship from the university of greater value than the Honors Presidential Scholarship, you will not receive the Honors Presidential Scholarship.

If you wish to use one of your eight semesters of your Honors Presidential Scholarship during a summer semester, you must contact the EKU Honors office.  That summer session will count as one of your eight academic semesters of your scholarship.  Please contact the EKU Honors office with any questions.

Books-on-Loan Award

As a member of EKU Honors, you will also receive the Books-on-Loan Award for eight academic semesters.  All EKU Honors members receive this award, regardless of other scholarships or awards they have received.  This award pays for all of your textbooks - not just those for your honors courses.  At the end of each semester, you are responsible for returning all textbooks to the EKU Bookstore.  If you wish to keep any of your textbooks, you will be charged for them at a discounted rate, and you must bring the book to the bookstore with your other textbooks.  You may write in your Books-on-Loan texts with no penalty or charge, and if you have required textbooks that are not ordered through the university bookstore, the bookstore staff will do their best to order them for you.

Honors Program students may not use the Books-on-Loan award for winter or summer classes.  However, if you plan to use one of your eight semesters of your tuition scholarship during a summer session, you may contact the EKU Honors office to utilize the Books-on-Loan Award for that summer.  That summer session will count as one of your eight academic semesters of your Books-on-Loan Award.  Please visit the Books-on-Loan FAQ page or contact the EKU Honors office with any questions.

Extra Semester Scholarships

When endowment monies are available, EKU Honors also awards several small, endowed, single-year scholarships for those students who require more than eight semesters to complete their degree.  Watch your EKU email during the spring semester for more information on these extra semester scholarships.